You Are Love

Our very nature is Love. Love exists at the center of our being. We do not need to find love or find someone to love. We are that which we seek.

The layers we have covering that love are all that we have to remove to exist in love. We must remove all that we are not. We are not the fears. We are not the hatred. We are not the worries and anxieties. I have learned we have to be strong enough to dive deep into the well of our own existence and seek out that which we are not. It takes courage to face down your inner demons.

Ask yourself what you are afraid of? What do you not like about yourself? What are you afraid that others may find out about you? What is stopping you from being the best version of You that you can be? Why? Write down everything you dislike about yourself. Then counter it with the truth; You are none of those things. Examine every fear and dig deep into them to see why they hold you back. Ask the fear questions. Create a dialogue with it.

These are only the blockages to love shining through you. When the weeds are pulled and held to the light, they aren’t so scary anymore. They can only have power over us when we allow them to hide and fester. In the light and confronted, fear starts to disappear. And love courageously comes forth.

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