Yoga Is Skill In Action

What does it mean to have skill in action without regard for the results? And what does that have to do with yoga? When we act with a particular outcome in mind, our actions are motivated by our agenda. If the result of the action is pleasing to us, we experience pleasure. If the result of the action isn’t pleasing to us, we experience pain. We then become attached to those things that we like and avoid those things we do not like. Living this way keeps us riding the dualistic roller coaster of pain and pleasure. The Bhagavad Gita, a classic text on Yoga, says this is egoistic living and disconnects us from our source of true power.

Our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions create our actions and our actions create our results. When we experience a specific outcome in a situation, it’s often our reactive habit to become happy or upset based on what we are experiencing and act from that motivated and reactive place based on how we view reality. It’s often hard to look at situations and think differently regardless of how reality is presenting itself. It requires a certain level of skill. The Bhagavad Gita says we should come into Alignment with our power first, the Source of pure positive unconditional love that we are. From there we will be inspired as opposed to motivated to act, and that inspired action is one that will connect us with Love as opposed to separate us from it and drain our energies. To know what we want and Align first and surrender the outcome is a skill we can develop with practice, and it empowers us. From that space our results will naturally work out for our highest good without the drain on our energy and without the disconnect. It is Law.

Until Next Time,

Jennifer Jacobsen, ERYT-200, YACEP

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