Your First Massage Session Explained

Let’s discuss, step by step, exactly how a Massage Session with me works! (This is a bit ‘wordy,’ but it’s actually a very simple process.)

Now, before we get started, here are a couple tips on how to conduct yourself the day of your massage, to make the most from your Saint Augustine Massage experience!

The mood of your session can be affected by the things currently influencing your life. You can improve your results by preparing yourself before your massage time. If you can put the events of your life on pause for a little while and truly devote your session time to taking care of YOU, the benefits you experience can be greatly enhanced.

Life really will wait a couple of hours for you – and you’ll be in much better shape to deal with your responsibilities when you are feeling your best!

Other things you can do, as time allows: Take a relaxing bath or shower before your Massage appointment time and limit consumption of caffeine and sugar, as well as other stimulants. Avoid eating immediately before your appointment. Allow extra time in your schedule so you don’t have to rush to be ready for your session. Otherwise, it may take longer to reach a relaxed state. Be aware of your current condition, so you can report anything that needs attention. It’s important to explain what’s going on health wise, because changing health conditions can affect your Massage needs.

On the day of your Massage, I ask that you arrive at my office ten (10) minutes prior to your Massage to ensure we have plenty of time to review your status for a Massage as well as allowing you time to fill out the first time Massage paperwork.

This is the time to ask me any questions concerning anything regarding your health and well being, as well as any questions concerning our time together in the Massage session. If you’re expecting something in particular from the Massage, make sure this is communicated to me. For example, if you’ve been having a lot of tightness in your right shoulder, and you’d like some extra attention given to it, tell me. If you prefer a lighter or deeper Massage, make that preference known. I will discover your tight and sore areas during the Massage, and will prioritize the time spent on these areas, and may do less work on areas that don’t need as much attention. Letting me know ahead of time about these problem areas lets me prepare to spend some extra time there.

At this point I will ensure I’ve answered all your questions.

I’ll also remind you to share what’s going on. If you have a tender spot or an injured area, bring it up prior to, or DURING the Massage so it can be addressed. Communicating with me during the Massage is very important!

If everything is great, you can lie back and relax. I will then step outside the room to allow you to undress and make yourself comfortable on the heated table, under the sheets and blankets. I will knock on the door and ask you BEFORE entering the room if you are comfortable and ready to enjoy the most relaxing sixty minutes (or more!) of your week!

The complete one-hour session starts off with you laying on a warmed Massage table face-up (or face-down if needed) underneath soft linens for your comfort along with soothing sounds of music playing gently in the background to help melt away your tension even before your session begins.

You then get spoiled with the ultimate foot pampering experience. This consists of Massage techniques that are designed to completely relax the feet, toes and lower legs.

Your neck, upper shoulders, arms and hands are the next to experience complete tranquility. Each muscle group is focused on by balancing carefully selected Massage techniques that are meant to both relax and open up knotted muscles. You’ll feel just enough pressure to experience total relation in your muscles, but not too much where you will feel any discomfort.

You will then turn over on your stomach – saving the best for last! The most common tension areas of the back, shoulders and neck are then kneaded using a combination of Massage oil, relaxing Massage strokes and gentle stretches.

Remember, you will be completely draped for your modesty and comfort at all times. You’ll never feel ‘exposed’ at any time during your Massage session. If you, however, do feel uncomfertable with anything, please let me know immediately.

After your session is completed and you are fully dressed, you are given refreshing spring water to help flush out any toxins that were lying stagnant in your muscles.

At this point I’ll conduct a quick exit interview to ensure you have enjoyed some of the wonderful therapeutic and stress relieving benefits of Massage therapy, as well as answer any questions that may have arisen during the Massage session. Also, payment will be made for my services.

We can then schedule your next Massage ‘Gift of Relaxation’ session and discuss any Gift Certificates you may need for your family and friends.

Remember, nothing is more important than your well-being, so ensure taking care of yourself is a high priority. When you feel your best, you are in a much better mental state to deal with all of life’s challenges and demands!

Now that you are excited about receiving your Massage session, call Jennifer at
(904) 417-8620 to schedule one!

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