The Intermediate

The Intermediate


“I have a steady at home spiritual practice, and I am ready to take it to the next step. I am interested in learning more about spiritual philosophy and theology.”

Who You Are

You have a home-based spiritual practice and have begun to calm your mind and emotions. You have created some discipline in your routine and have organized your life so that you are better able to focus on your spiritual path while remaining engaged in your worldly responsibilities. You apply the fundamental spiritual principles to your everyday life and have seen wonderful results. You have felt your energy building daily through these principles combined with spiritual practice. You are now ready to take it to the next level. You want to build more energy. You are interested in learning how to harness this energy more. You wish to learn how to incorporate breathing techniques into your practices. You wish to learn meditation as well as tips and techniques to help you focus more in your practices and in daily life. You are interested in some of the deeper aspects of Yoga and in learning some more of the Yogic teachings and how you can apply them. You want to know how you can better harmonize your mind, body, and emotions with nature.

What Your Challenges Are

Your mind wanders constantly. You sit down for meditation and cannot focus. You feel impatient in any meditation practice. Your at home spiritual practice has become routine and somewhat stale. You do not feel challenged enough in your spiritual practices. You feel you aren’t bringing enough devotion and worship into your spiritual practices and you aren’t sure how to incorporate that. Your inner Self and your body are directing you to eat better, to live a healthier lifestyle and to do more, but you are unsure what more you should do.

What You Need Most Right Now

You want to add meditation and devotional practices into your spiritual routine. You need more advanced postures and want to learn breathing techniques to help you purify your system more. You desire a more complete and well-rounded practice with additional elements. You need to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, and you seek advice on how to make better decisions so that what you bring into your system will compliment your spiritual practices and goals.

The Intermediate Program is designed to help you:

  • Learn and incorporate breathing techniques (pranayama) into your practices
  • Learn how to direct the flow of energy in your body
  • Learn more about the chakra system, what it is and why it’s important for your journey
  • Learn techniques to help you build more focus and one-pointed awareness
  • Begin a centered meditation practice
  • Bring more love and devotion into your practices
  • Learn how the science of Ayurveda can enhance your practices and daily life
  • Learn how to eat in a way that is more harmonious for your constitution
  • Develop a deeper awareness of Yoga philosophy and how to apply it

The Intermediate Program consists of a series of one-on-one sessions in which we will address your needs, challenges, and spiritual goals and how to best help you attain them. The result is that you will be able to deepen your current spiritual practice by bringing more love, devotion, focus, and meditative awareness to it. You will also be able to harmonize yourself more with the environment and create a healthy diet and lifestyle that supports your path.

Are you ready to begin and get results?

If you are ready to deepen your spiritual connection with your inner Self, the Intermediate Program is for you.

Please contact me, and we will discuss how to begin.

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