The Advanced

The Advanced


“I want to dedicate my life to following my inner Self, and I am interested in teaching others how to walk on this path and do the same.”

Who You Are

You have practiced Yoga postures and meditation for a while now. You have a regular, disciplined, home-based practice supported by a healthy diet and a core set of guiding, foundational, spiritual principles. You are deeply devoted to what you have created, and you are now in a place where you wish to explore the ancient Yogic texts and incorporate their Knowledge into your life. You seek to live a life of daily devotion to your inner Self, and you wish to take the steps to begin shaping your character so that it matches the qualities of Source with which you seek to align. You seek to awaken the Divine Evolutionary Force in your own being and become your own Guru.

What Your Challenges Are

There are so many texts available and so many translations of these texts, you are unsure which text to study and which translation is best. You have trouble interpreting the meanings of the scriptures you may have encountered. You know that they are more complex than their apparent simplicity. You feel you need a teacher to guide you through learning the philosophy and theology you wish to learn but you are not interested in submitting to a Guru or attending a Yoga Teacher Training Program in order to learn this. You have heard or learned about the sattvic Yogic diet, but you are not sure what that is or how to approach that diet in a healthy, nutritious, and balanced way. You have heard about Prana and Kundalini awakenings but are not sure what they are or how to awaken such energies without the assistance of an external Guru. You fear getting involved with a specific spiritual group or being manipulated into joining a cult.

What You Need Most Right Now

You want someone to study the Yogic scriptures and texts with. You want to learn Yoga philosophy and theology. You want someone to teach you about the sattvic Yogic diet and how to make the necessary changes to your current diet. You want to know what foods to eat and foods to avoid. You want to learn how to build prana (vital life energy) and how to awaken this energy so that it can take you to the next level of your spiritual journey. You want to know how to become spiritually independent.

The Advanced Program is designed to help you:

  • Study the Yogic texts (Bhagavad-Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Narada Bhakti Yoga Sutras and more)
  • Learn how to apply the Yogic philosophy and theology into your life in a practical, working way
  • Find the sattvic (pure), Yogic diet that is right for you and your system and constitution
  • Discover which foods inhibit spiritual progress and how you can safely limit them in your diet
  • Build a sensitivity to prana and learn how to surrender more to this force in your practices
  • Learn how surrendering to prana will connect you to the Divine in order to begin the process of Union

The Advanced Program consists of a series of one-on-one custom designed sessions in which we will address your needs, challenges, and spiritual goals and how to best help you attain them. The result is that you will have an excellent grasp on Yoga philosophy and theology, the Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali Yoga Sutras among many other scriptures. You will be in a position to teach and assist others with their spiritual path. You will be armed with everything you need to connect to your inner Self and bring about the Union which you seek. It will then be up to you to take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

Are you ready to begin and get results?

If you are ready to Unite with your inner Self, the Advanced Program is for you.

Please contact me, and we will discuss how to begin.

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