Swadharma Jyotisha Natal Chart Analysis

This recorded 30 minute session will give you a thorough understanding of your Ascendant/Rising sign Nakshatra star constellation, Planetary Ruler, and your sign’s strengths and challenges. This will help you to fully understand what in Vedic teachings we call your Swadharma, your essential nature. This will empower you to live from a place of alignment and connection with who you truly are and what your gift is to bring to the world.

This is NOT a live session. This is a recorded session that will be emailed to you at the email that you list at checkout. You will still schedule a time for this session, but that time is the time that I will record it for you. Your session will be sent to you within 24 hours of your recorded session time. If you want a live session, please book a Basic or Complete Jyotisha Chart Analysis.


  • Ascendant Nakshatra Star Constellation (your Dharma)
  • Planetary Ruler (rules your chart)

Please note that prices are reflective of not only the amount of time spent with you in session, but the amount of time and hard work I put into creating the reading for you.

Your birth date, exact birth time (check your birth certificate), and birth city and state are all required to obtain an accurate reading and to cast your chart. Please provide this information in the Additional Details text box at check out.

All sales for this reading are final. No refunds.

Investment: $55.00

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