Complete Jyotisha Natal Chart Analysis

This live 2.5 hour session is the most popular, comprehensive, and complete reading that I offer, and it covers all areas of your birth chart. Together we will dive deeply into each sign, house, and planet in your natal chart.

You will gain a clear understanding of your basic personality and your unique skills, talents and abilities through your Ascendant Sign Nakshatra star constellation and Planetary Ruler. You will see yourself in your highest light and understand your purpose in this life and how you are destined to carry out that purpose as your life’s mission through your House of Power. We will examine how your mind, emotions, and ego process and synthesize information through examining your Moon and Sun Nakshatra star constellations.

I will extensively go through each house in your chart (areas of your life) and will also go through each of the other planets in your chart in complete detail and explain the karma, strengths and challenges they bring to you in this lifetime. I will also address some past and upcoming future events based on the Vimshottari Dasha system as well as explain to you how you can best co-participate with the current planetary transits.


  • Ascendant Nakshatra Star Constellation (your Dharma)
  • Planetary Ruler (rules your chart)
  • House of Power (mission in life)
  • Moon Nakshatra Star Constellation (your mind and emotions)
  • Sun Nakshatra Star Constellation (your ego)
  • Complete overview of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter placements (aspects of your personality)
  • Complete walk through of each house (various aspects of your life)
  • Current and upcoming Planetary Dasha Cycles (unfolding of your karma, good for predicting life events)

Please feel free to ask any questions. Questions are encouraged.

Please note that prices are reflective of not only the amount of time spent with you in session, but the amount of hours and hard work I put into creating the reading for you.

Your birth date, exact birth time (check your birth certificate), and birth city and state are all required to obtain an accurate reading and to cast your chart. Please provide this information in the Additional Details text box at check out.

This is a live session. I will video record your live session and email it to you afterwards for you to download and refer back to.

All sessions are currently being held online through Zoom at this time. Within 24 hours of you having booked your session, a Zoom link will be created and emailed to the email address you provide at checkout. You will need to download the free Zoom app and set up a free account before your session.

Please note I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. It takes me approximately 36 hours to prepare for a Jyotisha session. If you do not cancel your appointment or reschedule it within the 48 hour window before your appointment time, or if you neglect to show up for your appointment, I will video record your session for you and email it to you. No refunds.

Investment: $255.00

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