The moment you were born, the exact placement of all the heavenly bodies in the sky was recorded. Your Cosmic Blueprint was created for you to enliven. Jyotisha is an ancient Sanskrit word that means to “enlighten.” Jyotisha is called The Eye of Wisdom, because it gives you the ability to see deep into your own self. Know thyself, and you know all.

When I first had my Jyotisha Vedic Natal Chart read by my mentor, I felt so seen and understood. And the women I have worked with so far have had amazing experiences and insights in their sessions. They have understood themselves better. They have discovered their strengths and talents and the deepest intentions of their soul. They have stopped apologizing for who they are. They have made commitments to themselves to no longer play small. They’ve seen their own self in their Highest Light. They now have a deep understanding of why they are here, the purpose of their life, and what they’re here to accomplish. And every single one of them has said that they felt the Truths, that were revealed in their session, deep inside their system all along. Sometimes we just need to be seen and understood and held in our Highest Light and told that it is OK to be that shining light that we are here to be. I would love to help you begin on this journey, the journey home to yourself.

I begin every Soul Path Coaching session with your Jyotisha Vedic Natal Chart reading. I call it your Soul Path Blueprint. Your birth date, exact time of birth (often found on your birth certificate), and exact place of birth are necessary to do this chart reading. I will go over this chart with you and discuss your rising star constellation, your planetary ruler and archetype, and how they, along with the other planets and star constellations in your chart, help to create your thoughts, emotions, actions, character, and destiny.

I offer three types of Jyotisha sessions. Click on each of the images below to explore which one is right for you.

What is your life’s purpose? What are you here to do in this lifetime? What is your mission? What is your personality type? Your nature? What karma will express itself in your lifetime?

What if you could access this information? How would it change your life?

These questions and more can and will be answered with a Vedic Jyotisha Natal Chart reading with me. How the planets and stars were aligned at the precise moment of your birth provides valuable information that can help you to align with your own Higher Self and True Nature and with what you are here in this lifetime to do and accomplish. If you’re ready to begin, select your reading above now!

“I have known Jenn for seven years now on a personal and professional level. I have always been amazed at her ability to retain knowledge and intricate details about anything she decides to learn... and even more so at her ability to share it with others in a relatable manner. I first met Jenn on my yoga mat at a time when I needed yoga more than ever. She taught me how to breathe again, how to listen to my body, and how to reconnect my mind and soul. Over the last few years I have become slightly disconnected from everything she once helped me access in my life/within myself. When she began offering Jyotisha readings, I was immediately drawn to the idea. Although I have never fully understood astrology or how it all connects to our life, I have always had an understanding that there is some greater power or plan at play in all of our lives. I did not really know what to expect from the reading, but to say the experience far exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. The way one feels when they read their horoscope and think “omg that’s me! How did they know?!” is how I spent two hours feeling as she explained my imprint from the stars. So much of my life suddenly made so much more sense and I felt like there was a different purpose for the good and the bad events with this better understanding of “it was meant to be/it was written in the stars”. I am still an extreme newbie with of this, but Jenn’s attention to detail and her patience with explaining everything to me during our call was impeccable. She made me feel comfortable and confident discussing intimate life details with her and reassured me that it was all confidential. The further we got into our call and in my chart, the more emotional I became (in a good way). It was truly incredible feeling so understood. It was like she was reading my life story back to me. I can't recommend this experience highly enough and look forward to watching more of her videos and trainings to better understand my initial chart reading! Thank you Jenn for this new found introspective view of my past present and future!”  - L. Margolin

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