Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is more than just a luxurious treatment. When incorporated into a monthly routine, it has been proven beneficial to health and wellness and improves quality of life. I perform several different types of Massage services as well as Reiki Energy Healing. Explore the various options below. 


SIGNATURE MASSAGE - Jennifer’s Signature Massage is a meditative and flowing blend of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Thai massage styles including trigger point therapy to release stubborn knots, stretching, and acupressure on the hands and feet. Medium pressure with firm pressure in areas depending on what your body needs.

60 min - $80, 90 min - $110

BACK, NECK, AND SHOULDERS MASSAGE - This massage is perfect for when you just want your upper body worked on or are short on time. Light to medium pressure with firmer pressure in areas needed.

30 min - $50

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE - Lomi Lomi is a very healing, Hawaiian Shamanic temple based massage that gently puts the individual into a meditative state, allowing for deeper work on the muscles and deeper relaxation.  Lomi Lomi is performed to rhythmic music and incorporates massage techniques that allow the individual to feel as if he or she were weightless, suspended, gently rocking in water.  Lomi Lomi energizes while deeply relaxes. Medium pressure with firm pressure in areas depending on what your body needs.

90 min - $115

PRENATAL MASSAGE - Perfect for the Mommy to be!  This is a basic Swedish Massage, performed side-lying.  Pressure is light to medium. Pregnancy massage may not be performed during the first trimester.

60 min - $80

TABLETOP THAI MASSAGE - This massage is performed on a table, with the client remaining fully clothed.  Utilizing gravity, Jennifer uses body to achieve maximum weight and leverage.  Thai massage is often referred to as passive yoga or a meditative dance, in which the client and practitioner merge into one continuous movement.  Passive stretching combined with acupressure and rhythmic compressions are used to increase flexibility while relieving tension in the muscles. Pressure is applied with hands, thumbs, forearms and feet.  Thai Massage not only calms the mind and nervous system, it balances the body’s energy.  The pressure on this massage varries depending on the client's needs.

90 min - $115

REFLEXOLOGY - Traditional Chinese Medicine states that the feet are maps for the entire body. It is believed that applying pressure to certain areas of the feet stimulates and works all of the major organs and systems in the body. Enjoy acupressure on the feet combined with a luxurious foot massage.

30 min - $50, 60 min - $80

All above therapies employ the use of Trigger Point work, Acupressure, a luxurious Hot Towel application, and Aromatherapy.

REIKI ENERGY HEALING - Reiki was originally practiced amongst Tibetan Buddhist monks, and has been practiced for over 2,500 years. The term Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. In this form of energy work, life energy (chi, ki, prana) is directly applied to the client through a series of hand positions. The client is clothed, and Jennifer places her hands directly on the client, over his/her clothes, and the energy goes where it needs to go for establishing balance and wellness. Reiki is performed either seated in a chair or laying down on a table. Reiki is not a massage.

60 min - $75


Interested in receiving a massage? Call 904-417-8620 to request your appointment.

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