Lunar Eclipse November 2020

We are in Lunar Eclipse energy today. The Moon is sitting with the North Node of the Moon, Rahu, in Taurus today, and the Sun and Mercury are sitting with the South Node of the Moon, Ketu in Scorpio. This is all in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. 

The Moon, Rahu and Ketu are all exalted today in their positions, so they function at their best. Moon is in goddess Rohini star constellation, where we seek beauty, peace and stability and are really considering what we deeply value. We want to see things grow and flourish and we want to be creative and positive in our mindset. We seek quality over quantity and the best of everything.

Rahu is wild energy and it’s in Mrigashira, the deer, representing our endless wants and desires and the constant ravenous searching for stability, peace, comfort, and a return to normalcy and the material life that we are used to. Rahu is in Taurus through all of next year so this will be a theme we are all feeling. It will just get more intense as the pandemic drags on. Moon and Rahu together means the mind is filled with desires, searching, many thoughts, a lot of chatter, restlessness and potentially even anxiety over needing to attend to these matters. We will be in this for a couple of days.

The last time Moon and Rahu were together in Taurus affecting the collective was October 6, when President Trump left the hospital after having contracted Covid, and he had a strong drive to demonstrate that he felt fine and everything was normal and steady and stable in his world. And Rahu is there making it all seem a little wild, and Rahu creates the illusion of things as it’s a shadow of the Moon. Nothing is quite what it seems. But there’s a ton of creative energy here with this transition, and that restlessness and drive is best served by being channeled into creative endeavors. 

Balancing that is the Sun and Mercury, both in Anuradha and Ketu in Jyeshtha. Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, the planet of hard work, discipline, and long-term commitment. One of the symbols is the lotus flower, the most beautiful flower that grows out of the murky waters. Anuradha is the goddess who is deeply committed and a dear friend, showing that when we are committed to something, and determined to stick it through the long haul, especially when things get most difficult, we can rise through it to become the beautiful lotus in the end. It shows the power of our devotion and commitment to something, and Jyeshtha, she who rises above adversity, shows that we can be victorious over the darkness by digging deep within ourselves and harnessing our inner power that comes from our hidden resources. Scorpio is all about emotional strength found through battling our own inner darkness. But it’s eclipsed so it’s difficult and yet worth it. 

The penetrating intellect of Mercury is brightened by the Sun and thus digs deep into the depths of the collective to expose what is hidden with the help of Scorpio’s friend, Ketu. This is all with the deep desire to return to the comfort, a sense of normalcy, and stability in our material lives, the economy and in our world. 

I see this eclipse cycle which goes through December (we have a doozy of a solar eclipse on Dec 14, day the electoral college meets) as setting off a chain of events that we may not expect. Ketu brings unexpected things out of nowhere and Scorpio is what we cannot see. So we are in the dark right now and what we think we know may not be accurate. We can’t see what’s brewing and that can bring some uneasiness. 

I see many things being exposed, secrets revealed, tables being turned, even some desperate and anxious maneuvers, all in the end goal of finding this return to normal and stability and what is beautiful in the end. It’s going to be a year-long process. I see battles for control. And Jupiter, the sign of expansion, law, beliefs and counsel has moved into Capricorn with Saturn, sign of contraction and restriction, discipline and duty, highlighting law and order and struggles, ups and downs, yes and no, push and pull, and battles within the government and the courts. It also signifies judgement, ability to make good decisions, and implementing the law. And they are in Uttara Ashadha star constellation, she who fights for what is right. She who has a high degree of integrity. She who charges into battle. There is also a Great Conjunction of the two on Dec 21 which is sure to be interesting (only happens every 19 years or so; more on that later). 

So the skies right now are really showing a battle and victory that is coming. Who or what will be victorious and over what remains to be seen. But we will get a more clear idea closer to Dec 14-21. 

Buckle your seatbelts! I think it’s about to get interesting. I’ve been **so curious** to see how things shake out from here through January. Be prepared for anything, especially the unexpected and unseen! This is Ketu and also Scorpio and it’s being triggered by these eclipses. Most importantly, **keep an open mind**. Whenever beliefs systems are deeply attached to one way of thinking and things change, we suffer. Scorpio tries to show us just how emotionally invested we are in what we feel and believe and how attached we may be to things that aren’t serving us. It shows us where we try to hang onto control. It triggers our wounds and makes us take a look at them, do the work, and heal. We transform into the lotus. We become victorious over something big. It could be becoming victorious over the virus. It could be victory over something totally unseen (more likely). So, just keep that in mind. It’s all for the highest good in the long run. It always is. We are building a better world and the cleansing process isn’t always pretty, but it’s beautiful after. Life certainly keeps us on our toes and teaches us to bend so we don’t break.

With Love

Jennifer ♥️

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