St. Augustine Massage, Reiki, Yoga, and Spa“Jennifer Jacobsen has been my massage therapist for years. When she told me that she was studying Vedic Astrology and learning how to create and interpret charts, I thought that sounded cool. Being a novice to things of that nature, I wasn’t expecting much. After my Jyotisha reading, to say I was blown away is an understatement! Jennifer’s accuracy was uncanny. Things she expressed in my reading completely validated thoughts I have struggled with personally and professionally for years! I am recommending this experience to all my friends. Thanks again, Jennifer!” – A. Kerr

”I had a Jyotisha reading and it really helped change my perspective to new and deeper aspects of myself. I have a stronger awareness and focus of my path and personal self. Highly recommend. Also the face to face Zoom meeting made it very real, connected and informative.”  – R. Smith

“I recently had a reading from Jennifer and I have to say, it was a very informative, enlightening, and insanely accurate session. I learned so much about myself, my behaviors and thought processes that I truly feel much more comfortable just being myself. I know that might be hard to understand, but it is the best way I can describe how I felt afterwards.”  – M. Mahoney

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked Jennifer to do my Vedic chart. I never had one done before and didn’t know much about it. It was more than I could have imagined. She took the time to explain the background carefully, went through each section step by step, and gave me insights into myself. I was surprised at how accurate it was, how much it resonated with me and confirmed paths I was on or had just begun. Other parts challenged me to consider things about myself I had ignored or shut away. It was obvious she had spent time doing the research interpreting the charts. There was so much information, it was a bit overwhelming at times. So the recording of the session she sent afterwards was invaluable for review. I also appreciated her offer to answer any future questions that might occur to me later. Jennifer’s empathy and knowledge worked as hand in glove to give a deep and complete interpretation to the reading. Her love for the subject and process is obvious and textured the session throughout. I would (and have) recommended her to anyone interested in finding help with their life’s direction and purpose.”  – C. Calabria

“I have known Jenn for seven years now on a personal and professional level. I have always been amazed at her ability to retain knowledge and intricate details about anything she decides to learn… and even more so at her ability to share it with others in a relatable manner. I first met Jenn on my yoga mat at a time when I needed yoga more than ever. She taught me how to breathe again, how to listen to my body, how to reconnect my mind and soul. Over the last few years I have become slightly disconnected from everything she once helped me access in my life/within myself. When she began offering Jyotisha readings I was immediately drawn to the idea. Although I have never fully understood astrology or how it all connects to our life, I have always had an understanding that there is some greater power or plan at play in all of our lives. I did not really know what to expect from the reading, but to say the experience far exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. The way one feels when they read their horoscope and think “omg that’s me! How did they know?!” is how I spent two hours feeling as she explained my imprint from the stars. So much of my life suddenly made so much more sense and I felt like there was a different purpose for the good and the bad events with this better understanding of “it was meant to be/it was written in the stars”. I am still an extreme newbie with of this, but Jenn’s attention to detail and her patience with explaining everything to me during our call was impeccable. She made me feel comfortable and confident discussing intimate life details with her and reassured me that it was all confidential. The further we got into our call and in my chart the more emotional I became (in a good way). It was truly incredible feeling so understood. It was like she was reading my life story back to me. I cant recommend this experience highly enough and look forward to watching more of her videos and trainings to better understand my initial chart reading! Thank you Jenn for this new found introspective view of my past present and future!”  – L. Margolin

“Not until I was able to experience Jennifer Jacobsen’s energy work, did I truly appreciate the mastery of healing touch. While in session, I was able to feel the serenity which seems to flow from Jennifer’s very being. Her years of study, I am sure have helped to hone this craft, but I can only believe that the essence of this wonderful ability comes naturally to her. Jennifer is truly gifted and I am glad she is willing to share her skill!” – Brad Taylor-Hicks

“Jenn is a phenomenal healer, I had a headache for 2 days when I saw her the first time. I left her office without one!. If you need a massage expert, she is your gal. She is both professional and warm and extremely knowledgeable in her understanding of the body. I will certainly be booking again. I left her office floating.” – Alana Debow

“A massage with Jennifer is like slipping into your favorite relaxing space where body and mind can soften and feel restored. Her healing, nurturing energy combines with many years of experienced practice. Jennifer was the first person to understand and ease a chronic shoulder problem for me. Savor every minute of the massage!” – Jan Vita

“Jennifer’s massages are the perfect balance between therapeutic and relaxation. I went to her to relieve some of the everyday ‘stress’ we all deal with with a massage. Jennifer had the knowledge and experience to help me with a minor ‘sore area’ in my back and neck area from an accident years ago. I recommend her strongly!” – John Reardon

“Jennifer’s healing abilities are beyond that of most massage therapists. Her wisdom of the body and intuitive touch really shines through during the session. Personally, I’ve never experienced a more relaxing massage – I wish I could schedule appointments every day! If you are looking for someone who is both skilled and nurturing, look no further.” – Angela Jones

“A massage from Jennifer is more than a massage. It is a healing experience! She is a skilled therapist who uses different methods and techniques to individual the massage to meet the needs of each client. Jennifer’s healing touch, professional manner, and the serene atmosphere is an unbeatable combination. I highly recommend a massage from Jennifer!” – Mary Newton

“Having had a bad back for the majority of my life, I have had many other massages and back treatments over the years. While I have had many excellent massage therapists and chiropractors, none compare to Jennifer. Her treatments not only feel great during the massage, but my back actually gets substantially better for several days after. I am happy to finally have a way to alleviate my back pain. She is by far the best massage therapist, period!” – Arthur Kraus

“Jennifer, I want to thank you again for a wonderful therapeutic massage. Having had three lumbar spinal operations, flying on a plane is challenging. I flew from Philly to Orlando; next day drove to Jacksonville; then the following day drove to your lovely city of St. Augustine. I could barely walk from my hotel to your place. After your massage, I felt fantastic. I encourage everyone to use your services.” – Paul Damato

“Imagine gliding from your world to another world of peace, tranquility, and bliss. A world of calm, soft bells, chimes, and soothing warm stones gliding over your body. Relax and enjoy, it’s Jenn’s Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. You will feel either energized and stimulated or totally relaxed and mellow depending upon what your body needs at the moment. Glide, glide, glide to the ultimate in luxury.” – Sandy Murphree

“I have had several massages with Jennifer Jacobsen and highly recommend her. She is skilled in several different types of massage, including Thai massage, which not many people around here offer. Jennifer is gracious, professional, and caring. She listens to what I want and need, and delivers both a therapeutic and relaxing experience. From talking with her, I have learned that she is a committed and always-learning therapist. Although I have tried several massage therapists in the area, I keep going back to Jennifer.” – Linda Anderson

“Jennifer is an awesome yoga instructor and massage therapist. She is an old soul that is an inspiration to be around. Her unique use of intuition and spirituality makes her easily approachable and most comfortable to be around. She is very knowledgeable about alternative health and wellness. She is always a great advocate of health. I find her to be very informative, friendly, humble and a joy to be around. She is an excellent person to have in your own personal arsenal of health care. I would highly recommend her for any of the services she provides.” – Dianna Twombly

“Jennifer is a massage maven. Her knowledge & demeanor are both healing & inspiring. I look forward to my monthly gift to myself!” – Agatha Christine

“Jennifer is the absolute best! I was sent to her by friend and now I’m recommending her to everyone! She is amazing go see her!” – Brittany Valentine

“Had my massage at City Wellness with Jennifer. I’m a regular…I cannot say enough good things about her skills.. this morning I woke up feeling light, refreshed and just wonderful. I always am just amazed at the gift she has and shares. Plus she is a fantastic person. Thank you Jen for being you. I appreciate you soooo I much!” – Regina Stoll

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