Introduction to Reiki: Part II

by Jennifer E. Jacobsen, LMT, RM, CYT

In my Introduction to Reiki: Part I, I provided the history of Reiki and some information on what a Reiki session is like. But I still have yoga students and clients asking me, “what IS Reiki”? The answer means we have to explore some science. So, here we go!

Everything is energy, according to science. The entire universe is made up of a thing called matter. Matter is neither created nor destroyed; it simply changes form. Thus, matter is varying frequencies of energy. If you can imagine energy as being a band of frequency where at one end there is very high vibrating energy that moves very fast and gets very hot. The opposite end would be very low vibrating energy that moves very slow and gets very cold. The higher vibrating energy would be very lightweight, and its heat creates light. The lower vibrating energy would be very dense and heavy, and its lack of heat and light creates darkness. Darkness is, after all, only an absence of light. Thus our sun is an example of high vibrating energy, and a rock is an example of low vibrating energy.

Most matter in our physical universe is made up of lower vibrating, dense energy. It is this low vibrating matter that gives form and shape to our bodies, to earth and trees, and even to the cars we drive around. Matter is neither good nor bad. It simply is. What many do not realize is that our thoughts are also matter. Our emotions are also matter. They are matter and energy in a very subtle form.

When our senses come in contact with the matter outside, we pull that sense data inside our system through the mind. All of our past memories about that sense data is invoked. We may have positive or negative memories about that matter. We think and process that matter on very subtle levels and eventually we form opinions about what we see in the world around us. These thoughts about the world around us and what we like and dislike create emotions and feelings that get registered in not only our memory but also in the body.

Our likes and dislikes have an energy frequency all their own, and the more negative our thoughts are, the lower that energy frequency vibrates. Thus, it causes solid matter to form inside our bodies. It has to go somewhere, and that low energy is within our own mind and system. So, we may get sick. We may experience aches and pains. We may get stiff. And our sickness, aches, pains, and stiffness create more negative thought patterns, emotions, and feelings in our system. How we feel on an energetic level affects everything from how we interrelate with the world and people around us to the kind of food we eat. When we feel good, we tend to eat better. When we feel bad, we tend to eat worse. The higher the vibration our food contains, the higher the vibration we bring into our bodies. The lower the vibration our food contains, the lower the vibration we bring into our bodies.

How does Reiki play into this? Because of the mental focus required and the love invoked in each session, the energy of Reiki is of a very high vibrating frequency. Whenever you introduce high vibrating energy into the body, the body tries to entrain to that frequency, thus the energy of the entire body rises in frequency. This means that the lower vibrating energy is transmuted into a higher vibrating energy.

This means relief from negative symptoms, thought forms, emotions, and feelings housed within the body and mind. It means the body will literally have more energy. Low vibrating matter causes the body to become more and more dense and solid. Thus, we experience a constriction in the muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. We experience inflexibility, stiffness, and pain. Mentally we may experience anxiety, stress, selfishness, bitterness, or general dis-ease. Emotionally we may feel a whole host of negative emotions. All of this is relieved when we shift our own matter. When someone is not feeling well we usually ask, what’s the matter? It’s our own personal matters that our mind-body-spirit system internalizes as illness. The dense thoughts and emotions literally become the dense matters in our physical body. If it was painful in the mind, it may end up painful in the body also. Many do not realize the mind-body connection. Reiki helps to reverse the damage by switching the intent and the frequency in the body, changing states of matter from a more solid form to a lighter form on subtle yet tangible levels.

When the client and Reiki practitioner are working in harmony with the same intent, amazing things can happen in the body. This is how Reiki has come to be known as a medical practice in Florida for the treatment of cancer and chronic pain. Mental diseases have been assisted through Reiki. Anything is possible. It depends on how much we want it and the power of our intention. When attention and intention merge, we can transform many things. It should not be a surprise that our bodies fit into this. As I said, everything is matter and energy, including us.

If you would like more information, would like to learn Reiki, or would like to experience a Reiki treatment, feel free to contact Jennifer Jacobsen, LMT, RM, CYT at (904) 417-2860.

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