Holiday Gift Cards Available!

The holiday season comes with all kinds of lovely traditions, like family, food, and lights. Unfortunately, between gift-giving, navigating the winter weather, and perhaps just a bit of a togetherness overdose, the holidays can often come with a bonus tradition as well: stress.

This year, avoid the department store madness and help your loved ones relax with the gift of massage, reiki, a body scrub, wrap, or other spa treatment. Gift certificates are easy-as-pumpkin pie to purchase, and are useful for anything from a daytime appointment to soothe Aunt Judith’s winter aches, to a couples massage for you and your sweetie to share.

Everywhere around the world, people celebrate special moments with touch, from handshakes to high-fives to hugs. Start a new tradition this year.

Holiday Blessings,


Call 904-417-8620 to share the gift of massage or reiki with someone whose presence in your life is definitely worth celebrating. Purchase a gift card online by clicking HERE.


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