Creating Sacred Space

by Jennifer E. Jacobsen, LMT, RM, CYT

Massage is a very sacred act. Every massage is an opportunity
for transformation. Every massage is an opportunity for deep healing.

I think it is this understanding that enables me to provide a massage that is unique and memorable. To me, massage is not just working out muscles and relieving pain. My massage certainly accomplishes this, but I bring an energetic awareness to my massages that, according to my clients, leaves a noticeable impact.

To me, every individual is unique. We all have our very own energetic signature imprinted into the cells of our frame that contains every aspect of our personality. Our cells hold memories. Our cells create our muscles, and our muscles hold the memories of our personal preferences, our past joys and pains, our dreams, and our wishes for the future. Our body is nothing but a physical representation of our mind.

Science has proven that the mind creates a very strong electrical field that we can measure. And the electrical field of the heart is even stronger. To not address the energetic and intuitive realms of the body is to, in my personal opinion, do a great disservice to the individual coming to me for healing.

While I have developed many massage skills over the past nine years as a therapist, I allow my heart to lead my hands. I do my best to move away from my own thinking center and drop into my own feeling center. I connect to the body. I feel the breath, the energy, and the level of stress, tension, and worry contained within the individual. I diagnose the problem, but not from the level of mind. I diagnose from the level of heart.

Every body tells a story, and every session is a prayer for healing, love, and transformation. In this sacred space, magic can happen, and for a brief time, individuals are transported to a different place within their own being. Many come off my table and say they feel amazing. They say they feel light, energetic, and relaxed. And I so love the texts they send me later telling me how wonderful they still feel! I love what I do, for all I do is connect to love and bring that care, compassion, and energy into each session I offer.

Massage is such a gift. And when this intuitive awareness and touch is combined with skill, then bodies, minds, and spirits are healed one session at a time.

Many blessings for health and healing,


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